Physical strength is one of the most important facts to succeed on court and sports in general. On top it’s the easiest one to improve. Besides the abilities power, coordination, agility and speed it is also important to recover from tough workouts, to show the best performance in the next training sessions and in competitions. To train all those key factors we created a brand that helps every player and athlete to get everything they need for their athletic development. 

Toolz is the brand for your training. Since 2010 it is our mission to provide athletes with the equipment and support they need to reach their best level. Following the idea “Whenever, wherever” it is our vision to be the perfect partner for all sporty people and to be the ideal company when it comes to breaking limits and setting new records. You invest time and hard work – We deliver everything else. The time has come for turning your limits into standards.


We never set ourselves any limits! Our customers do neither! With Toolz there is always space and time for your workout – Whenever, wherever!


We love to workout, we are fitness addicts, ready to try new challenges, competitions or adventures in order to push your limits.


Becoming an athlete starts with a full equipment: Challenge accepted – We are the one brand for your training.