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TOOLZ Multi Resistance Trainer Pro

The TOOLZ Resistance Trainer Pro is ideal for effective sprint and endurance training and for improving footwork. It allows various training exercises for jumping power, short sprints and thanks to an operational capability of 360° also fast changes of direction. The sprint trainer is only to be used with a partner! The partner exerts the resistance on the running person and can thus determine the training intensity. The belt is adjustable in size and therefore suitable for everyone. The shoulder straps and handles are padded and offer pleasant comfort during training.

Product information:

  • Training equipment: Resistance band
  • Purpose: For sprint and endurance training.
  • Features: Can only be used together with a partner
  • Rope length: 2,20 m
  • 360° use - change of direction is possible
  • Material: Tube made of rubber and handles made of PVC
  • Size-adjustable belt

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