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TOOLZ Chin Up Bar

The TOOLZ Chin Up Bar is the ideal multifunctional trainer for your home. It can be used as a push-up aid or as a door bar to be
to hang in the door frame or to screw into the wall. With the upper torso trainer arm, abdominal, back and shoulder muscles can be strengthened. Since the pull-up bar has three different grip positions, both the inner and outer back can be trained.
The training device is equally ideal for rehabilitation exercises.

Product information:

  • Training device: Pull-up bar and push-up aid in one device
  • Purpose: Core training - strengthens arms, abdominal muscles, shoulders and back / for rehabilitation exercises
  • Suitable for: At home
  • Features: Quick & easy to set up
  • Assembly: For hanging in the door frame or for wall mounting (wall bracket & screws included)
  • Loadable up to 120 kg
  • Not suitable for children

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