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TOOLZ Gliding Discs

The Sliding Discs are the ideal training device for a holistic workout. Due to the variability and the different training possibilities, almost every muscle group can be addressed and trained with different exercise forms. Whether you're a beginner or a fitness guru, this training tool can take you to your next level at any stage of development. Additionally, the sliders internalize one of Toolz's mottos - Anytime, Anyplace. Due to their size, the sliding discs are easy to transport and can be used on many surfaces (laminate, tile, carpet, etc.) due to their nature.

Product information:

  • Training device: TOOLZ Gliding Discs
  • Purpose: To support a holistic workout
  • Size: Diameter 18cm 
  • Features: One side is non-slip / One side is extra-slip

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