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TOOLZ Hula Hoop

Let your hips swing and burn fat at the same time: With the TOOLZ Hula Hoop the training becomes an absolute fun-
fun. Whether around the hips, arms, legs or shoulders, the fitness hoop strengthens the core muscles, improves coordination and ensures that weight is lost.
nation and ensures that weight is lost. Additionally, the massage points automatically massage the body and stimulate the
stimulate the blood circulation. A particularly practical feature is that the hoop consists of eight parts that can be plugged together, making it ideal for use on the move.
on the road and can be easily stored.

Product information:

  • Training device: Hula Hoop, 100 cm diameter.
  • Purpose: To strengthen the stability of the torso and to burn fat
  • Features: 8-piece plug-in system
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 1,2 kg

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